Thursday, October 21, 2010

You know that feeling...

I have that feeling right now.  You know the one.  The feeling that tells you that you're going to have a full-blown horrible cold in just a few days.  The one where you have phlegm in the back of your throat and you just can't get it out.  I HATE that feeling!  That's the feeling I have tonight.  It's driving me nuts.  And nothing helps.  My poor husband is not going to sleep well if I have to spend the night awake and clearing my throat.  You know's still not as bad as having to listen to his snoring!

Anyway, on to other things.  I didn't have the heart to blog last night.  I still don't.  But I'm pushing myself.  I think we were all a little heartsick and heart-heavy yesterday.  We still are.  It's so hard when we lose one of our own.  The 13-year-old girl who never woke.  I hope the fact that we are all able to claim her as one of our own and feel her death so deeply will help ease the heavy burden her family must feel.  I know we are all imagining the pain and unspeakable grief of that situation.  It's something we try not to think about.  Until we're forced to by this kind of news.  I think the hardest part for so many of the fact that the internet brings us so closely together that we forget about geographical barriers until things like this happen.  And then, all of a sudden, here we sit, helpless, frustrated and scared.  If we could all just be closer together...we could at least share our grief in person, light our candles so they shine through the night, and dry each others tears or cry on another shoulder.  Computers just aren't very good at offering up physical comfort, are they?

I was a little derailed on my fitness challenge today.  We had a rough time getting going this morning.  Thankfully, my husband is my perfect compliment....he came home from work, dragged us all off to the gym for our daily exercise (yay!), and then fed us Subway for dinner.  Gotta love that man!  Reyna, your comment this morning inspired me.  Instead of just walking around the track today, I hopped on an elliptical.  I managed to do 55 minutes, plus a 4 minute cool-down at the end!  I hit about half-way and thought about quitting and going back to the track, but I pushed myself in your honor.  I took my pace down until I was just a step above where it would have been comfortable and finished out my intended amount of time.  According to the machine, I burned more than 650 calories and went quite a few miles!  And bonus, I'm not even sore!  Tomorrow is supposed to be a gorgeous day, so I think we'll be back to walking around a lake or through our neighborhood (the kids like looking for all the Halloween decorations).  For now, I'm off to cuddle with Lily before crawling into bed for my two hours of sleep before I get up and steal another drop of her blood while she sleeps.


  1. Such heartache in the loss of Eilish.

    Great job on pushing yourself and I hope that cold doesn't turn into anything nasty!

  2. Heartache for Eilish too, but ready to turn it into more blogging, advocating, and is only through us all doing are part that a cure will come for families in the future.

    Now...onto the exercise Mrs. Awesomeness! WOOT on the treadmill!!! I meant to get back over here yesterday, but I wasn't able to...I did yoga for 90 minutes. I have gained a couple of pounds through some bad eating habits. I think I will maybe start a food/exercise journal somewhere on my blog...out of the mainstream to keep me honest. :)

    Love...have a great walk today!

  3. OK today I did 60 minutes of Kempo (It is like punching and kicking)...I hope you felt well enough during your exercise today Cindy! Thinking of you.