Friday, September 17, 2010

They don't get it...and a MAIL EXCHANGE!!!!

You ladies are awesome, you know that?  Seriously, I love all of the d-mommies that leave me comments and validate my feelings!  Part of the problem yesterday was lack of sleep.  Part was that I'd been up most of the night testing Lily.  It's really hard to fall back asleep when you have someone snoring in bed next to you!  I think a big part of the reason I reacted to strongly to the CPS comment on Facebook was because I spent every last ounce of my energy taking care of Lily and making sure she slept well and didn't have to worry about a thing.  You girls get that, right?  The idea that you're spending every last bit of your energy and patience keeping your diabetic child healthy.  You do that and then someone comes up and questions whether or not you're doing your best for your child or, God forbid, tells you that the job you're doing could warrant you a visit from CPS?  Well, I know I'm over-stating things a little bit, but it just hits you in the wrong way, doesn't it?  So, I spent yesterday clearing all the drama from my list of friends on Facebook.  I've decided to simplify my life by getting rid of any drama that I can.  It felt so good to do that!

Now, on to the fun stuff!  The Mail Exchange!  I'm thinking the best way to do this is to have all of you email me the names and ages of all the children you want to have matched up with a mail friend.  My email address is  I'm going to try to match each child up with another child who is about the same age.  Non-d kids are welcome too!  Here are the rules:

1. A small gift (stickers, socks, book, whatever) worth no more than $5.
2. Sent no later than October 1st.
3. Include a picture of your child
4. When your child receives their mail, follow it up by emailing a picture to the sender

Sound easy enough?  I'm including the photo email in the rules because I think it'd be great for our kids to see who they sent their gift to.  Even better if the gift is featured in the photo, right?  Once I get all the emails, I'll pair children up and email each of you the email address of the person you'll be exchanging with.  This way, you won't have to over-share your mailing address and we can keep a lot of it private.  You can ask a few questions to get an idea of what each child might like.

I'm so excited to do this!  I hope you'll all join in and feel free to invite others over to join too!  I'm going to make Tuesday, September 21st, at 10:00 p.m., the deadline for signing up!


  1. Love this idea, I will email you now too!

  2. I am going to post about the mail exchange tomorrow. I really LOVE this idea!

  3. Love the mail exchange ..look for my email & I posted up a link to you today!

  4. Wonderful idea. Caught Jen's link and will sign up to cyber-stalk you too soon!