Monday, September 13, 2010

The AMAZING instinct of a parent...

I saw this video earlier today.  It's such a sad, sad story.  But when I finished watching it, I was left with a different feeling.  A feeling of wonder.  You see, when my daughter was born, I knew in an instant that I would do anything for her, including sacrificing my own life.  I knew in the deepest parts of my soul.  But, I've always kind of men feel that same connection to their children?  Do they feel that same gut-wrenching, throw-myself-under-a-bus instinct that tells you to put the safety and well-being of your child first?  This video proved to me that they do.  Even before birth.  So, I hope the video above works.  And I hope those of you who watch it will forgive me for the sadness I'm sharing.  I'm sharing it because the wonder of it and the amazement for what this man did for his family far out-weighs the sadness.  Parenthood is such a beautiful thing!


  1. That is definately a sad, sad story :( And it's ok Cindy, I forgive you for making me cry!

    Parenthood IS a beautiful thing and I know I would give my all to keep my kids safe. I can see that this man will be dearly missed, I feel so sad for his baby who will never get a chance to meet him :(

  2. WOW. It is a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing this powerful story Cindy. I am not mad at you for making me is important to know about beautiful, selfless sacrifices such as this.

  3. OMG that is so sad!! What an amazing man truly.

    Sidebar: I am so tired of hearing of these DUIs, and what not it makes me sick.