Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh no, she didn't!

What a day!  Oh my, what a day!  I'm in turmoil tonight over something and want to share my day in the hopes that others will either validate my feelings or tell me I'm an idiot.  Here's a synopsis of my day....

Woke up and remembered that there were no more coffee grounds in my house.  Bad nights followed by no coffee is not good for my attitude or energy level.  So I loaded the kids, pajamas and all, into the car and drove through the nearest Caribou.  Brought it home and set the coffee on the counter to cool so I could drink it.  When enough time had passed, I went back to the kitchen and found my wonderful, beautiful boy bathing in a puddle of luke-warm white chocolate mocha.  Before I'd even gotten to take one single sip of my coffee!  Oh, you can imagine my tears, can't you?  But he's my beautiful baby boy, so I cleaned him up, thanked God that the coffee was luke-warm and couldn't do any harm to him, gave him a big hug and kiss and a giant squeeze (perhaps a little more than he wanted at that moment) and then sent him off to play again.  I'm not one for voicing huge frustrations on Facebook, but every now and then, I will.  I posted about the spilled coffee and when a close friend replied about how awful it was, I told her, "I know!  I'm seriously tempted to beat him!"  I have an odd sense of humor and some seriously biting sarcasm.  Now just to clarify, anyone who knows me in real life knows that my children are rarely even spanked.  I've only ever spanked one of my children when they have run out in the middle of a parking lot or done something dangerous that scared the wits out of me.  My kids get TOs, but not physical punishments.  I won't even let certain family members babysit my children because I've heard them threaten to "smack" their kids!  That kind of language is not something my children will ever hear!  But, a not-quite-as-close friend replied that I should watch what I say because someone might take it seriously and report me to CPS.  Really?  Do people take that seriously now?  Do our social workers not have enough to do without people reporting about what someone said on Facebook?

So, what do you think?  Did I over-react?  Was the comment justified?  Or would you be offended by such a comment too?

Oh, and just to bring the story to a close...I deleted the not-so-close friend, after letting her know that I had no serious intention of beating my child and thought she should know better than that.  Oy, what a day!

FYI...I'm hoping to put up the post to sign people up for the mail exchange tomorrow!


  1. I think we all say things like that on FB....I mean.....there's a hint of sarcasm that comes with Facebooking altogether, isn't there?

    If you had a history of posting about beating your children, I might feel differently, but....I dunno....I think it was intended to be a funny (not that child abuse is a laughing matter) and I probably would have chuckled when considering the context and the fact that you worked really hard to get that cup of coffee!

  2. That is silly. Everyone jokes on Facebook. Don't let the comment get to you. Everyone that knows you...and yeah, I TOTALLY know you becuase I read your blog religiously! :) love your little boy more than life itself! Chin up...don't lose sleep over silly facebook peeps who don't even know you!

  3. Oh yeah...totally what Meri and Wendy said. I don't think anyone would take it seriously. Especially anyone that really knows you like all of us Eaten Alive "junkies".

    I am sure it did not help that you had a crappy night and then NO coffee. (HUGS). I hope your hubby wore his mask last night.

  4. I reckon it might be misunderstood by somebody not quite so close to you. Reading your blog, pretty much everybody should see the irony, but in general, it's a nasty world out there and in a way, I can understand why somebody picked up on it.
    Hey, make yourself a cuppa and laugh about it :)

  5. I would have deleted her too. Clearly it was sarcasm and well she obviously didnt know you very well!

    I remember a lady on Justices fan page on FB said it was child abuse that I fed him pasta and pricked him so much at night...I went balistic.

  6. I wouldn't be offended by that! Moms say things like that when they are frustrated. And yes, on facebook, a lot of statuses are "sarcastic". Take it with a grain of salt my friend and good job deleting the "friend".

  7. The woman has no sense of humour and was crying out to be deleted. Just found your blog and am enjoying it very much. Don't lose the humour or sensor yourself, it's the only thing that keeps us all sane sometimes.