Friday, September 3, 2010

Just an FYI....

I HATE nighttime lows!  I absolutely detest it when I go into Lily's bedroom to test her on the way to my own bed.  And she's low.  I hate it!  I hate having to wake her from her slumber to coax her into drinking a cup of orange juice.  And then having to wait another 15-20 minutes to check her again before I can go to bed.  Life as a d-mom really does suck sometimes.  But she's worth it.  So I do it anyway.  That's just life, right?


  1. I am so with you...well actually for me the WORST is the high with ketones, that means a recheck in one hour...just long enough to get sleepy enough to want to get back to sleep but not be able to...then if you recheck and it's still high you have to turn your brain on enough to do a site change. That is the big middle of the night stinker for me.

  2. HI 5, a HIP BUMP, and a HOLLA....I hate it when she's high. And I hate it when she's low.

    In fact, I hate it altogether!

    But I sure do love all my D Moms and their fams...and I really love my Sugar :)

  3. (((HUGS))) Cindy. That stinks. I am with you all. I hate when he is low, I hate when he is all requires some sort of treatment and a recheck...which means less sleep for us uber-awesome D Moms!!! Have a great Labor Day weekend Cindy.

    P.S. Funny on the coffee thing (and the Mike's...I will do the wine). Too bad we didn't live closer I would love to share morning coffee or evening bevies with you girl!

  4. OH night time lows are "SUCKITY"... just like my memory :)