Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Partners are out!

Finally!  I've gotten all of the emails out with the partner match-ups for the mail exchange!  Please ignore any typos you might see in your emails from me...I had a little extra help with typing.  Leo kept crawling into my lap, pushing buttons and then ran away giggling when I pushed his helpful little hands away!  What a nut!  A reminder of the guidelines for everyone:
1. A gift worth no more than $5
2. Send a picture of your child with the gift.
3. When your child gets their gift, take a picture of them with it and email back to your partner (this helps the kids see the whole process).

That's it!  Nothing too complicated, right?  Feel free to encourage your children to write letters to their partners if they're old enough to write.  And who says it has to stop with just the gift?  Maybe we'll even end up with a couple of new pen pals from all of it!

Have fun, everyone!


  1. Thanks for organizing this Super Lady!

  2. I can't wait to tell the boys about it! I know they'll be so excited!

  3. what a great idea! wish i was young enough to join in! maybe we could do one for us adults too lol.

  4. Bethany, I was actually thinking we should do a "pamper each other" Christmas exchange! Us sleep-deprived mommies are due for a little pampering and what better way to share our favorite little indulgences than to send a sample of them off to each other?