Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: The gift that keeps on giving....

Yup, it's another missing snapshot this week.  There really is no point of taking a picture of my journal.  I got in one cardio workout on Monday.  I took the kids to the Minnesota State Fair on Tuesday.  And on Wednesday, I loaded up the kids and dragged them into the Target Minute Clinic down the road.  I don't know if it was already coming on or if all of the dust from the animals at the fair sent me over the age, but by Wednesday morning, I had a raging sinus infection.  In fact, it was so bad that it actually felt like every single tooth on the upper left side of my mouth needed a root canal!  Oy, the pressure!  I spent an hour at the clinic with the doctor, $15 on prescriptions at the pharmacy, and 24-hours on the couch at home.  It was like magic!  Within 24 hours, I was feeling so much better!  I felt pretty good until I hit about the 3-hour mark after having woken up.  I needed a nap!  And another nap.  And another.  Sleep is fantastic when you're sick.  Trying to get it when you have two healthy, active children is not so easy though!

Anyway, enough complaints.  I'm recovering.  My wonderful husband took Friday off from work and let me sleep in before we dragged the kids off to the state fair again.  My husband only goes for the food.  I like to look at everything!  The Minnesota State Fair is an incredible experience.  I've heard people who move into Minnesota complain about the true meaning of "Minnesota Nice".  It's not a pretty picture they paint of it.  But....if you want to know what "Minnesota Nice" really means, you should come to our state fair.  It's amazing.  People are friendly.  The second time I went to the fair, we had a three-month-old baby.  We used the park-n-ride services where you park your car in a free lot and ride a free bus to the fairgrounds.  The buses get packed!  But, strangers were perfectly willing to give up their seats for me and baby Lily.  The next year, Lily was just over a year.  The same thing, strangers hopped up from their seats and shooed us into them.  People can be so incredible sometimes!  And an added bonus to going to the fair this year....we happened to run into our old pastor-he was leaving as we were coming in.  For those of you who remember my post about feeling lost without a church-home, this would be the pastor who inspired us to join the church where we got married and then he left for a new church.  Random meeting, but he chatted with us for a few minutes and talked up the Sunday School program and a few other things his new church is doing.  My husband is on-board with switching over to the new church and we've already registered Lily for Sunday School, which starts next week! 

So...two days spent at the Great Minnesota Get-Together, snacking on cheese curds, corn dogs, and lots of sugary, greasy, deep-fried and battered foods.  Saturday, I actually manged to make it to the gym!  I decided to scrap the rest of my intended cardio-focused week and just hit the weight machines.  I did a lower-body workout and upped all my weights.  My legs are a bit sore today!  I meant to return to the gym for an upper-body workout today, but we made a last-minute decision to haul the kids down to the Mall of America for some fun at Nickelodeon Universe and some fall-clothes shopping.  And that is the extent of my activities this week.  I wish I could report that I'd had a whole lot more activity than that, but I'm having to accept that recovering from this cold is kicking my butt.  It just keeps on going!  I think if I can just start getting a bit more rest each night, that would help a ton.'s kind of like wishing for the moon though!  They're each about as easy to get!  No matter though.  Whether I'm up to working out or not, I'm going to have to.  We're heading into a busy week.  Lily starts swimming lessons again tomorrow evening.  And then on Tuesday, she'll have her first dance lesson!  I'm so excited for her and she's incredibly excited about it too.  She's supposed to be starting pre-school as well, but we've made the decision to hold that off for a month so we can get her used to the new activities first and then get the school stuff going.

One last quick note before I go...Sarah, you might be on to something!  I'm going to have to see if keeping the tv off in the morning will help get us moving quicker!  I've been meaning to start having us actually sit down at the dining room table for breakfasts and spend the time waking up together.  This just gives me one more reason to get moving on it!  Fantastic suggestion and I thank you for it! more thing!  Pictures and a confession!  My confession....I ADORE cheese curds!  I'm picky about them, but the ones at the state fair are, gooey, yummy, thinly-breaded (none of that chunky-icky stuff).  Yum, yum, yum!  Pictures are from the Butterfly House at the state fair...the kids love that place!


  1. Would you believe I've never tasted cheese curds?! I've never seen them on any menu or at any fair! Sounds as though I'm missing out big time!

  2. I've never tasted a curd. I honestly thought they were just made up for Miss Muffett. I want to try some!!!

  3. Wow...too funny that we both posted a bit on our State Fairs over the past couple of days...and my post was not nearly as nice as yours ~ LOL.

    So sorry you have not been feeling well. AND. I am glad you are giving yourself some down time to recover before hitting the weights and cardio hard. I am finally back up to 7 mile runs (I had been out for the whole Spring and Summer due to my heel injury). It feels so good!!!

    Love ya...and me cheese curds. I wanna try some sometime.

  4. what are cheese curds? I'm probably totally missing out, but for the better as I have a dairy intolerance yet LOVE everything cheese!!!
    Glad the TV off is helping, we keep it off because I hate the bickering over cartoons and policing the annoying commercials, truly a selfish reason :)
    Sorry about your getting sick that sounds so cruddy, but glad you're on the mend and your hubby had a day off to help out. Hope this week is great, no illnesses and loads of fun :)

  5. I am a cheese curd virgin. They sound heavenly though. :)

    Hope you are feeling better soon! We have a no tv before school policy. It works!