Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: Back at it

I'm keeping this one short and to the point tonight.  It's been a bit of a long day.  I've done pretty well with the exercise this week and am feeling much better now that I'm back to the gym and getting my exercise.  I started using a Philips Direct Life activity monitor just over a week ago and it's been incredible!  It does an 8-day assessment of your current level of activity, meaning you wear the device for 8-days and it keeps track of how much it bounces around throughout the day.  Not the most accurate at times, but helpful.  The point is to see where you can increase your activiy and get more exercise during the day.  It's kind of a neat little thing.  And, I'm happy to report, it says I burn roughly 1086 calories on an average day, just through activity!  That's even more awesome.  The handy little program also comes up with goals for me and moves me through phases.  The first phase, my goal is to move enough to burn 1300 calories each day.  Phase 1 starts tomorrow and I'm really hoping to reach the goal.  If anyone is interested in learning more about the program, just click HERE.

Okay, on to the "snapshot".  I was hoping to get one last workout in today, but it's been a bit rough.  We had a bad night with blood sugars, managed to make it out to church and Sunday School this morning, and on the way to church, got the call from my mom letting me know that my grandma has finally lost her battle with Alzheimer's.  Rest of the day was spent figuring out funeral details and planning a quick trip up north for the funeral.  It's hard sometimes to lose someone, but right now, I think I'm more relieved that she's not suffering anymore.  And the sure knowledge that she's been welcomed into Heaven with open arms is definitely comforting as well.  Anyway, here's the pic:

And with that, I'm heading off to bed!  Hope you're all getting some great rest tonight!


  1. Thinking of you Cindy. Losing people is hard...yet I totally get the gratitude over the end of the suffering. Love to you and your family Dear Friend.

  2. She is whole again! I know how hard it is to lose somone you love. Hugs to you dear Cindy!