Friday, September 9, 2011

Observations from the gym: For your enjoyment

I've mentioned the Boob Lady (who is totally awesome and incredibly sweet) and the Stork Lady (not so sweet), but so far, I don't think I've mentioned many of the "men of the gym".  I thought I'd entertain you tonight with a few of my favorite guys to see at the gym.  Please understand that none of these descriptions is meant to be hurtful or to make fun of them.  I've just come up with a few random names for some of these guys based on what I've observed of them.

The Lion:  Picture a lion in human form and you would most likely have a good idea of what this guy looks like.  Dark blonde, wavy hair down to his shoulders.  Big and powerful on top, not nearly as developed on bottom.  He works out on the inclined ellipticals several times a week.  I've only ever seen him from behind, that I can recall.  He's got great hair though!  I'm a bit jealous of the waves...

The Hunchback of Notre Dame:  He's not actually hunchbacked, but he does wear Notre Dame t-shirts, along with a variety of other college shirts.  He works out on the same ass-kicker ellipticals that I work on.  And he works out hard!  Only problem is, he hunches over as he works out.  I'm dying to correct his posture!

The Rooster:  This guy is awesome!  Seriously.  He's in his mid-50s and I see him running, running, running around the track.  I'm jealous of his running ability!  I watch him run nearly everyday that I'm at the gym.  And as he runs, his comb-over slowly comes undone.  He's got this one little lock of hair that bobs along behind him, kind of like the tail of a rooster.

The Gingerbread Man:  Oh, how to explain this one?  This young guy works in the child-care center of the gym.  He's awesome with the kids!  He'd also be an example of a perfectly-proportioned, well-muscled male body.  There's just one problem.  He's lucky if his height even reaches my not-so-towering height of 5'4" (which my husband says I stretch to get to).  He's a bit sensitive about it, from what I can tell.  Which is really just too bad because it's not something he can do anything about and he seems like a really sweet guy.  He reminds me a bit of a reddish-haired Seth Green.

Those are just a few.  There are, of course, a plethora of grunters (the ones who grunt as they lift just so everyone will look at them) and runners, and lots of other people.  I'm tempted to pick up my drawing pencils and paper again just so I can capture some of them!  The gym is so much fun!


  1. Cell phones are great for people watching... you can pretend to check your phone while you snap a pic! You could start a people of the gym website like peopleofwalmart.

  2. This was a fun read! :)

    What do you think your fellow gym goers call you? :)

  3. Ha! Love it! You are so observant and I love your descriptions. I am with Heidi...I wonder if any of them have a name for you. What do you think it would be AND why?


    Have a great weekend Dear Friend.

  4. the rooster could have been my dear ol' grandpa, man he had an awesome comb over!