Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gallery of Hats...they're not just for cold weather!

I've been hooking hard!  Crochet-hooking, that is.  I'm trying to get a few things done so I can start listing things on Etsy.  Unfortunately, there's just never enough hours in the day!  I should have been in bed at least an hour again, but I've failed on that again.  Oh well...sleep is over-rated, right?  Or maybe not, cause I really do enjoy it.  Wish my kids loved it as much as I do! 

Anyway, per Reyna's request, I'm putting up pictures here of some of the hats I've finished.  Some of them are obviously meant for cold winters, such as those we get in Minnesota and anywhere in the northern half of the USA.  But, there are a couple (one of them is my very favorite hat I've done so far!) that are more appropriate for just slightly cooler weather.  They won't keep you warm enough for a January in Minnesota, but a January in Florida or Arizona or California or pretty much anywhere else that never gets the pleasure of experiencing a less-than-30F-day.  I've been playing around a lot with ombre yarns.  I used to hate them.  The way the yarn changes from one color to another....it just kind of looked cheesy to me.  But, maybe my tastes have changed.  Or maybe their techniques for dying have gotten more advanced.  I'm liking them a lot more now though.  In fact, I've stocked up on a bunch of colors and varieties.  They just have such a way of showing off textures and stitches!  I still need to figure out pricing for the hats.  I'm thinking most of them will be about $20 or so, unless I've used a specialty/luxury yarn for them.  I'm still debating on adding matching scarves or fingerless mittens to some of them.  Any input, ideas, suggestions, etc., that anyone wants to leave in the comments would be greatly appreciated!  For now, here are the pics:

Shell-stitch Cloche

Textured Cloche

Basic Ribbed Hat

Cool-weather Cloche


I'm not a big fan of berets, so I'm not sure yet whether I like that one.  I think maybe it needs a small flower or fancy button on the brim to liven it up a bit.  I'm loving the pink/brown and pink/gray color combinations right now.  And blue/brown too.  And just to show you some of the variety in yarn colors that I'm dealing with right now, I've got a couple bonus pictures:

Lots of blues and greens and pinks and purples and some gorgeous color combinations!  I need to learn to control myself in the craft stores though.  I intended to buy just the silver ribbon you see in the cloche above.  But yarn was on sale!  My poor husband thinks we're going to drown in yarn, I think.  Or debt from all the yarn that I spend our money on!  Gotta love him for putting up with me and loving me in spite of all my flaws.  I think I'll have that serve as my confession for the night...I spend way too much money on yarn!  It's like an addiction and after I go overboard, I always feel horrible. 

Bonus pictures for the night!  I'm debating finding frames and using these to decorate our new bathroom once it's finished.  Just not sure yet if it would be just plain cute or if guests to our home would find it tacky....

And one last bonus one because I couldn't resist the other night when I found this waiting for me in bed:


  1. The "Cool Weather Cloche" is WAY COOL Cindy!!! How about a textured Cloche in that purply/green/tan yarn (bottom left of bottom pic)...can I get some sort of "dangly" pom-pom on that too??? How much? AND...how do we pay. LOVE your creativity.

  2. I wish I had your talent! They're all great!

  3. oh gorgeous!!! that hats AND the kids !!!

    i just love the one with the ribbon. ive been learning to craft lately, just never enuf hours in a day! plus i get some shocking RSI the second i pick up a hook or needles.