Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How about some holiday fun? Mail Exchange Alert!

Day 29!  Yay!  I'm just one day shy of my 30-day goal!  The last few days, I've been taking it a bit easier on my legs and just hitting the Life Fitness elliptical.  Not too easy on them though as I've been doing 50-60 minutes each day and burning 700 calories in that time!  I'm loving what my body is capable of doing right now!  Funny to think back to the beginning of this, when just walking a couple of miles induced a major sweat and left me panting!

Hallie, to answer your question...there is no program.  I've just been doing baby steps, doing what was comfortable for me and pushing just a little bit further each day.  I started out walking two miles and then increased to three miles after just a couple of days, added in sharp inclines, pushed the stroller with the kids up the hills and down.  And now, nearly 30 days later, I can last an entire hour on the elliptical!  I'm going to take a one-day break on the 31st day, maybe celebrate by taking the kids swimming, and then on the 32nd day, start a new challenge.  I want to start adding up my calories and logging my food to see where I can get better control of my nutritional intake (because I hate the word "diet"!).

Okay, I have a separate post that I'm thinking of writing tonight, about sacrifice.  But I want to keep this one fun.  And I want to bring up another really cool idea that I had.  But first, how about another round of mail exchange? I'm thinking it would be a ton of fun to do a Thanksgiving-themed exchange.  Maybe have the kids write about something that they're thankful for and share one of their favorite things with their partner?  Same drill as last time...1. Open to all children, diabetic or not.  2. A $5 gift  3. Send a photo!  4. And email your partner a photo once the mail has been received.  If you want to participate, send me an email at cindyroerig@hotmail.com, write :Mail Exchange in the subject line and include the names and ages of the kids you want to have participate.  One quick little note....I don't want to limit people who want to sign up and I know some of our DOC live outside of the U.S.  If you're unable to send mail outside of the U.S., please note that in your email and I'll make sure you're not paired up with our International participants.  Personally, I love sending outside of the U.S., just because it can be so much fun to learn about people in other parts of the world!  The deadline to sign up will be Friday, November 12th, at midnight.

Ready for a new, super-fun idea?  A Christmas Card Exchange!  I love, love, love Christmas!  And even better than Christmas presents are the cards we get in the mail!  I love getting Christmas cards!  Last year, I counted up how many people I had in my address book.  52.  Know what the problem with that is?  Cards are ordered in packs of 24!  Or at least, they were last year when we got ours.  So, 2 packs wasn't enough and 3 packs left me with a whole bunch left over.  What to do with the leftovers?  I propose a Card Exchange!  What better way to celebrate the holidays and have a little extra fun and get to know more about our online friends than to exchange Christmas cards with all of them?  Here's how it works:  I'll compile a list of all the people who want to participate and their addresses.  Post-Thanksgiving, I'll email everyone with the compiled list and you can all have the fun of sending and receiving Christmas cards from everyone on the list.  Sound like fun?  If you want to join in, send me an email at cindyroerig@hotmail.com.  Write :Christmas Cards in the subject line and include your address in the body of the email.  Deadline will be December 1st.

I can't wait to have fun with both of these!


  1. loved seeing all the posts from the last mail/gift exchange...SOO excited you are doing it again cuz we were sad we missed out last time! Will send my info soon.

  2. WAY cool Cindy! I like the sound of the Christmas card exchange!!! AND awesome job on your challenge girl. I have been exercising right along with you...just abs today and a couple of short runs and then an hour of stretching before my big race on Sunday! YAY!!!

  3. I'm glad you had the idea to extend the pen-pal-y type things, I'm definitely in! :)