Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Miracle Drug has been found!

No, seriously, it has!  Kind of.  Except, it's not a drug.  It takes a little more effort than popping a pill in your mouth and swallowing.  But it really is a miracle!  I'm talking about....E*X*E*R*C*I*S*E!  So here's why I'm calling it the Miracle Drug.....

Poor complexion?  Add in regular exercise, and you apparently sweat out all the toxins and things that are causing you to break out in massive pimples everywhere.

Can't sleep?  Work your muscles each day and you just might find that you can actually sleep!

Joint pain?  Well, that could possibly be from carrying around more weight than your frame was intended for or it could just be because those joints aren't used to moving.

High cholesterol?  Exercise helps with that!

Depressed?  Exercise makes your body release wonderful hormones that boost your mood and can make you feel a whole lot more content!

I could seriously go on and on!  I'm on Day 24 today!  The last couple of days, I've headed to the gym to avoid the bitterly cold, brutal winds that have been blowing.  The kids love playing in the child care center, so it's a win for all of us.  I've hit the elliptical for an hour both times.  I pushed myself a few days ago and really tried to step up my efforts a little bit.  The challenge has been fun!  I may have overdone it a little bit though!  The last couple of days, I've hit a little bit of a wall.  I have to push myself to keep going.  Luckily, the gym has several different kinds of ellipticals (several, meaning like an insane number of different ones).  The ones I've preferred to work on, Octanes, are a bit harder, a bit more resistance, I think.  So on days when I feel like I can't go any further, I cut my workout short on the Octane and head over to the Life Fitness ellipticals to finish.  Either way, I have managed to complete an entire hour of exercise, every day.  I just make sure I pay attention to how my body is feeling, take it a little easier when I feel the need to, but keep going.  And as I wrote above, I'm feeling a whole lot better!  Don't think it's all good though....I've had some bumps along the road.  I've had a couple of middle-of-the-night insulin reactions which are almost always followed by morning highs (sleep-reactions are the worst, I seems like your body gets frantic for sugar to treat the reaction and you're nearly always half-asleep still, which leads to over-treating).  You know though, it's been so worth those minor hassles!  I'm planning on taking a day off once I finish the next 6 days, but I'm hoping to have just a little bit of activity on that one day.  I'm scared if I take the day off completely, I'll lose my momentum and end up with more than one day off!  Maybe I'll take the kids swimming at the pool or on a trip to the Minnesota Zoo.  Something fun.  They've earned it!

Oh, one quick thing before I head off to bed!  Lily picked out an adorable little fairy outfit at Costco for Halloween.  Unfortunately, it's not nearly warm enough for our Minnesota Halloween weather!  So, I'm going to layer her up underneath and convince her to wear this on her head:

She's not super-thrilled with it just yet....but I'm working on convincing her!


  1. IT IS ADORABLE!!!!!!! I love, love, love it :)

    AND I'm SO proud of you :)

    I'm FAILING in the food department.


    Can you see me drowning in Cheetos? Bertha is on her way again.

  2. did you make that hat? how cute!
    As for exercise it's been soggy and cruddy here so I've been a bit on the lazier side of things, but tonight I took the kiddos to the local universities track and ran laps while they acted like screwballs. Despite Isaac needing massive amounts of sugar after it went really well.
    As for your exercise and tanking later in the night I think that my husband has found that when he exercises usually either one of the following needs to occur an extra 15 gram bedtime snack with protein, half of dinner carbs uncovered, or he halves his lantus dose for the evening and wakes up around midnight to check and either take the rest of his lantus or some short term depending on how he is feeling.
    Again I am impressed and think it's wonderful how you're doing on your journey to a healthier you :)

  3. WOOT. Way to go Cindy. I am so impressed at your determination and stamina. AND very smart to change to an elliptical with less resistance on those "hard" days.

    Keep it up. I have been running/walking - I am now on taper for the /12 marathon. And...I have been I just don't have a ton of energy at the end of the day. And, I am, like Wendy, falling off the food wagon lately. I am up like 2 pounds. I am sure it is water weight, which will most likely fall off by the w/e, but annoying none-the-less.

    Have a great day!!! I heart you.

    Oh and LOVE the hat!!!

  4. I am so inspired by you to start exercising again! Way to go!!

    I am really out of shape and would like to get back to exercising like I did before Lovebug was diagnosed.