Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Snapshot: A Bust

My workout journal doesn't look so great for this week:

The journal doesn't tell the whole story though.  On Thursday, we spent 5 hours at Camp Needlepoint, walking around and showing Lily and Leo off to the staff, campers, and horses. 

I didn't write any of it down because only God knows how many calories were burned in those five hours of chasing my little beasties around the camp.  By the time we got back, it was time to feed the kids dinner and I just didn't have any energy left for working out at the gym.  On Friday, I meant to go to the gym before heading up to my sister's for the journey up north.  Unfortunately, we did not have a good night.  Lows for both Lily and me and lots of tossing and turning for Leo.  So I slept in just a bit and then got everything packed for a night away.  I carpooled with one of my sisters and we arrived about an hour before the others.  The room was booked in one of our other sister's names, so we chose to spend about 40 minutes walking around the neighborhood where the hotel was located.  And then that evening, we bounced and bopped and wiggled to the music of Bret Michaels.

He was pretty awesome to see in concert.  One really very totally awesome thing I found out at the concert...Bret changes shirts and bandanas twice during the entire concert.  And then at the end, he auctions off the three t-shirts and three bandanas for charity.  I believe at least part of the money is donated to JDRF, but I'm not 100% on that.  Anyway, after the concert, my sisters threatened to write "BOOB" across the forehead of the first person to fall asleep.  I think it ended up being a draw and we all fell asleep around 1:00 a.m.  And then the snitches all woke up at 7:00 in the morning.  They're worse than my children!  Saturday was a long trip home, during which I came to the realization that my throat wasn't just itching from exposure to cigarrette smoke at the casino.  I have an awful cold.  Lots of coughing and sniffling and a stuffed up nose and a scratchy throat.  So much fun.  I feel like crap, so I didn't work out yesterday or today.  I'm hoping I'll feel up to it tomorrow morning so I can get in before Lily's endo appointment tomorrow.  It's the BIG one....two years after she was diagnosed and the yearly massive blood draw that completely freaks out a child.  And leads to tears for mommy.'s to hoping for better health! 

My confession....I'm a horrible sick person.  Biggest baby ever!  I want to do nothing and let my husband do everything so I can just sleep.  Worst sick person ever!

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