Friday, June 3, 2011

Putting on armor

What in the world was I thinking?  A few months ago, when it was still cold and snowy here in Minnesota, I told my husband I wanted to start the Couch to 5K program and that I thought with all the work I'd been doing, it wouldn't be all that hard.  OH. MY. GOSH!  Running is entirely different from what I have been doing.  It is a very special kind of torture and my body is screaming at me right now for putting it through it!  From reading that, I'm sure you can guess that I overcame the "fear of the jiggle".  On Monday, I ran a single mile at the gym, around the track.  The track is nice and squishy and it takes 10 laps around it to equal one mile.  I ran for two laps and then walked every third lap until I made it for an entire mile.  I took Tuesday off to recover, but managed to drag the kids around in the bike trailer for half an hour.  My muscles were screaming!  My legs were stiff and sore.  Wednesday, I ran for a mile and a half, still running two laps and walking the third.  Thursday, I rested completely.  Today, I ran 1.8 miles...18 laps.  I ran for three laps and walked the fourth.  I made it to the 16th lap and started walking around.  At the end of it, I know, I don't feel that badly just yet...maybe I should try a few more laps.  So, off I went.  When I'm running, I have to keep reminding myself to keep my shoulders back.  I get tired.  My legs get sluggish.  The more tired I get, the more I start to hunch over as I run.  Gotta stop that!  Anyway, I made it to the end of the 18th lap and was about ready to die.  So, off to the locker room I went.  I changed into a swimsuit, picked the kids up from the child care center, and off to the outside pool we went.  We all got a bit pink after spending an hour and a half out there, but nothing too tremendously horrible.  Very grateful for sunblock.  Seriously, our pale, pasty white skin does not take sun well!

Okay....armor....remember that silly fear I had of the jiggle?  That's nothing compared to what I should have been fearing!  I know many people who've read my blog have commented on my honesty.  This one is going to be brutal.  If I weren't already pink, I'd be blushing in embarrassment.  Running has a very unfortunate side-effect for me....I leak when I run.  It's awful.  It's embarrasing.  But I refuse to let it stop my from conquering running.  I'm determined to keep going and keep running.  Wednesday, I had a brief desire to flee.  I ran the first lap and then took off for the locker room.  I changed panty liners quick and then made the decision to go back and finish what I'd started.  I actually did more than the mile and a half if you count that first lap!  So, my armor...I'm a 34-year-old woman who has to wear Poise pads in order to run.  But I'm still going to run.  And the running has given me the motivation to pursue something else...I have an appointment with my doctor for next week to discuss referring me on to a specialist who can perform urethral bulking.  From what I've been able to determine, it's a common problem for diabetics that the urethral opening wears out and won't close completely.  Having a baby and getting epidurals (and catheters) probably hasn't helped that any.  Hopefully this will be the answer to the problem and I can have things fixed up so I can stop being embarrassed!

Armor has taken on another meaning too...I'm putting on my "parent-pancreating" armor.  Lily had her Kindergarten Readiness screening this week.  She passed, with flying colors.  She even accomplished some things that they wouldn't have asked of her a few weeks ago, but do now because she's turned 4.  During her screening, I had the opportunity to talk to some of the staff about what kind of accommodations the school we're districted in would have.  You see, there's a very convenient elementary school just a couple of blocks down the road from our home.  Unfortunately, that convenient school only offers all-day, everyday kindergarten.  Have I mentioned that I am strongly and completely opposed to all-day, everyday kindergarten?  Add to that the fact that the school does not have a full-time nurse, but shares the nurse with the other schools....BIG. FAT. NO.  I do not want my child attending this school!  So, I'm putting on my armor and I'm looking into open-enrollment in another district.  There's one just a couple miles north of us that offers half-day kindergarten.  It may not be as convenient as being within walking distance of the school, but it's a great school district with a good reputation.  I'm crossing my fingers and hoping she'll be accepted into their district without any problems!

One last thing before I turn in for the night....have you registered yet?  The amazingly incredibly, lovable-inspite-of-our-jealousy-of-her-hotness Reyna and her super-awesome, ultra-marthoner sister, Tara, have put together the best 5K idea ever!  Seriously, this is awesome!  If I understand this right, it is not confined to just people in the U.S.  It's open to anyone, anywhere in the world.  A virtual 5K.  The gist of it is that you pay $10 (100% goes to JDRF and is completely tax-deductible) and then walk/run a 5K during a 3-day window.  Whenever it fits into your schedule during those three days.  And honestly, you don't have to run!  It's not a competition so much as an accomplishment for us all.  Walk the 5K, if that's what suits you best.  It's not so hard to do!  And Tara's gotten some great prizes lined up.  All you have to do is walk or run the 5K, post your time, and you're entered into the raffle for the prizes!  How cool is all that?  Come on, what are you waiting for?
Virtual 5K for JDRF


  1. First off, I think your hard work, dedication, and spirit are admirable. I have been so impressed by your commitment to the running Cindy. AND...good for you to write about the "leaking". I ran into a lady in my 'hood the other day and she was talking about the exact same problem. She does her best and runs/walks...but it is an inconvenience and annoying for sure. I hope the MD appt goes well.

    Good luck with the K-garten. Please keep us up-to-date. You know Lily best and you know what would work out for her. Go advocate Mama Bear.

    Finally, thank you. Thank you for letting everyone know that they need to go register. I am looking forward to walking it while knowing all of you are doing it with me. I really think some sort of "relay" would be cool...but haven't figured that part out yet. better not be jealous of me for my "hotness" are equally as hot Cindy!!! We all are!

  2. Way to go on the running!! Taking it one step (or lap) at a time and pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone. You rock!!!
    Good luck with finding a kindy you feel comfortable in. I am already freaking out about 1st grade because of the whole day, no nurse thing.

  3. You are doing GREAT on the running!!!!!! Seriously, you will be doing 5K before you now it. In fact, you'll probably beat me - I ran in three 5K races last year, but I still haven't been able to go a whole 5K without walking part of it. That is my goal for this year. My husband and I are singing up for Reyna's 5K too. :)

    I'm so glad you aren't letting a little leaking stop your running too. Good for you, and good luck at your appointment. I'm fine when I run, but sometimes when I sneeze I have a little leakage too. I had no idea it could be partially caused by diabetes.