Monday, April 11, 2011


Sorry for the delay!  My husband took the day off from work and we spent the day out as a family.  A trip to the gym, lunch at Subway, and a trip to the Como Zoo.  I'll have to post some pictures of some of the zoo stuff later.  But for now, just thought I'd share with you who the winners of the hat give-away are.  Yup, I said winners.  I decided to do not 1 winner.  Not 2 winners.  But 3 winners!  I love making stuff for other people and it makes me happy.  Plus, these hats are super-quick to make and so much fun!  So...the winners:  Comments 2, 3, and 6...that's Kris, Joanne, and Jules.  Now, what I need from each of you is the age of who you want the hats for (for sizing purposes), which hat you want, and up to 3 colors.  And keep in mind, you can request as many as 3 hats!  Send me an EMAIL with all that info and your home address and I'll whip up the hats and get them out to you!


  1. Congrats!!!! Some of my favorite girls won Cindy. Wish it was me. I could use a new profile pic ya know!!! xoxo

  2. OMGosh!!! YAY!!! Thank you SO much! This totally made my day! I'll send you an email soon! :)

  3. I won??? I WON!!! Ohmygoodness I am sooooo excited!

    Yay hats! YAY!!!

    I'll be sending you an email soon!

  4. I'm so bummed I missed it - - -
    I love these hats!!!!!

    I'm stealing Joanne's!!!