Thursday, April 14, 2011

What do you do with your 15?

I hate the Fifteen Minute Wait.  Seriously, it's a pain to have to retest 15 minutes after treating a low.  When it's my low, I rarely retest.  I know my blood sugar is back to good based on the fact that I'm no longer jittering and I can put a coherent thought together.  Or I can walk without falling over my own feet.  When it's Lily's low....I ALWAYS retest!  No matter when it is, where it is, or what we are doing.  I wait those long 15 minutes and pull out the supplies again.  Last night, Lily cried out in her sleep at 1:30.  I dragged my barely conscious self into the kitchen for the meter, into her bedroom to poke her callused little finger, and waited to see a 67 pop up on the screen.  Lily sucked down half a juice box in her sleep and I was left with a dilemma....I can't go back to bed until I've done the recheck and I have 15 minutes before I can do that.  What to do?  Well, there's one thing that I will always do with that middle-of-the-night 15.  I have a little addiction that can be indulged in that 15.  Wanna know what it is?  I'm addicted to snuggling with my children!  Seriously, this is why Leo still sleeps in bed with my husband and me.  Because I can't get enough of his cuddles.  Lily very rarely cuddles anymore.  She's never been much of a cuddler really.  But when she's sleeping, I can get away with crawling in behind her, pulling her close and snuggling in to smell her hair and kiss her check.  Those 15 minutes are just enough to feed that part of me that craves contact with my children so fiercely that I'll never allow myself to say no when they ask for a hug or a kiss.  I hate having to wait those 15 minutes, but if I spend them curled up with my baby girl in the middle of the night, I can find it in my to love the opportunity the wait has given me.

So, I'm curious....what do you do with your 15-minute-wait?


  1. If I cuddle, I'll fall back to sleep. I have to stay upright...moving...

    Last night I paced around the kitchen.

    I've decided my new goal will be to do planks. I want to be able to hold myself in a plank position for 1 full minute ASAP!

  2. Set my alarm and go back to sleep - LOL. Does that make me a cold, hard, bitch? :)

    I would totally fall to sleep if I cuddled in with Joe. If I had my alarm right there I would though.

  3. If I even think about laying down... I pass out.

    Sadly, I check FB :)

  4. I'll fall asleep and forget to test again, if I lie down. I watch television or check my email or FB.

    But I have to admit that I love it when my five-year-old can't sleep or wakes up in the middle of the night and he asks to jump in bed with my husband and me. I love watching him sleep and having him close. His perfect little face with those irresistible cheeks, his quiet snores, the smell of his hair, the curls that flop this way and that, his chubby fingers --like you, I can't get enough! I hate that pretty soon he'll be too big, like his older brother and sister.

  5. if it's the middle of the night I sleep...and of course we cuddle because the big three year old monkey is still in our bed!