Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fly High!

After posting about my rocky start and poor attitude this morning, my day actually improved remarkably.  I'm compelled to post tonight since I'm ending the day on a much happier note.  It's amazing how my children can pull me right out of those bad moods!  There's one pivotal moment from today that I wanted to share.  Lily was running around this morning, in a good mood, happy, blood sugars were good.  She climbed into my lap, looks at me and says, "Mommy, I need wings so I can fly."  She has a pair of fairy wings that she likes to dress up in every now and then.  So I found them for her and put them on her back.  She climbed onto the couch and jumped down to the floor.  Repeated the action several times before returning to me and saying, "I can't fly.  My wings don't work."  My reply...."My darling girl, I will teach you to fly."  In a heartbeat, I swooped her up, held her high over my head and ran around the house with her.  And we flew. 

No matter what else diabetes does to us, it doesn't prevent us from flying!



    My girls have fairy wings too, I may have to dig them out of the closet and have a little "flying lesson" with my angels :)

    So happy for you that your day ended on a good note!