Monday, June 28, 2010

Channeling Pink Floyd

I've had that Pink Floyd song running through my head for days now...."all in all, you're just another brick in the wall".  It kind of fits the situation lately, but not quite.  For the situation at the moment, it should be, "all in all, it's just another brick wall".  All you other D-moms (and dads) know what I'm talking about.  You're cruising along, things are going great, blood sugars are looking good.  And, all of a sudden, a brick wall pops up!  Blood sugars are running high, child is eating everything in sight or nothing at all, you're picking your brains and pulling out your hair as you try to figure out what went wrong and what should be changed.  It's so frustrating!  Right now, it's not a brick wall we're facing, but a bottomless pit.  Lily's blood sugars are plummeting several times a day.  I know part of it may just be that we're in the midst of summer.  We're busy, running around, swimming in the pools, and just generally taking advantage of the heat.  My husband is on vacation from work this week.  He was in desperate need of a mental health break.  So we have a busy week of activity ahead.  Today, we went to the zoo.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the zoo!  The monkeys, the dolphins, the fish, the birds.  It's so much fun!  Interestingly enough, one of the birds featured in the bird show today was named Pink Floyd (he had a bright pink belly).  We tested Lily when we got to the zoo....49.  Gave her 20 grapes and only bolused for 8.  Normally, that should send her blood sugar to the moon.  Two hours later, she was 78.  Gave her a second lunch of a corn dog, which she gobbled up in record time, leaving just a few bites for her daddy.  Tested her again a couple of hours later, as we were leaving...136.  Fast-forward to bedtime.  Lily managed to cram in 28 more grapes.  We gave her enough insulin for 20 of them, because it makes my husband nervous that she might go low at night.  Apparently, he was right.  Bedtime check gave us a blood sugar of 38!

I used to love roller coaster rides.  I want to know where the exit is for this one?  I'm not enjoying it!  I know that this is likely the start of another growth spurt.  She's about due to shoot up another inch or two in height.  But now I need to figure I decrease her basals for the next few days to get her back on track, even though I know her blood sugars will sky-rocket in a week as the growth spurt slows down?

A picture from the zoo:

Aren't they cute?  You might actually think that they love each other!

Just a little side note....
I used to do this thing in an on-line forum that I participate in.  Basically, in the middle of our daily chat area, I'd share some of my "Observations from the Gym".  I have a hard time getting myself to go to the gym sometimes, even though I find it so entertaining.  Seriously, I always come away with some interesting stories.  Like the time an elderly lady warned me that there was a "man" in the locker room.  She followed that up by asking the gym staff-member, "are you a man?"  Nope, just a flat-chested woman with a very short haircut.  Here's my observation for today:

I find people in the parking lot of the gym so incredibly funny.  They troll through the parking lot, looking for the closest parking spot possible.  I can understand maybe in the middle of winter when it's freezing or when it's raining.  But today was a wonderful, breezy 77 degrees.  Gorgeous.  And yet they still troll through the parking lot.  One person took it to a whole new level today though.  Apparently, all the special motorcycle parking was taken when he showed up on his bike.  So, instead of just using a regular parking spot, he parked on the sidewalk, directly in front of the gym!  Seriously, you go to the gym to exercise, but can't be bothered to walk from the middle of the parking lot?  Imagine how much more exercise you'd get if you parked at the back of the parking lot! 


  1. Maybe do an accross the board decreas by 10% on active days? It's worth a shot...38 is SO scary! I hate chasing lows...but I'm so with you, chasing highs are just as, or even more draining. I hope it evens out soon. I know how exhausting it all is!

  2. I have been chasing lows with both of my girls this's tough, scary and exhausting! I hope that things start to look better, those low numbers are scary...especially a 38!