Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Aren't they amazing?

I swear, my kids leave me speechless nearly everyday.  Their ability to cope, to take what life throws at them and to get back up and keep going without blinking an eye is just incredible.  I'm particularly amazed tonight with Lily.  Tonight was a pump night.  And also, my hubby's break-night.  Since it's so hard for us to find someone knowledgeable to watch the kids, we rarely get out together.  But we make a point of giving each other a good break at least once a week.  It makes a huge difference.  Back to my awe-inspiring story....bath night, pump site-change night.  We just started using a new infusion set from Medtronic called the mio.  LOVE THEM!  Seriously, they're cute, little colored sets with the insertion device attached to the set, so each one is disposable and no need to keep tracking down our insertion device.  Usually, my hubby changes Lily's infusion sites.  We both figure since I put in my own infusion sets, it's good for him to have the practice of putting in Lily's sets.  Practice makes him less nervous about it.  So, it was my first time using the new infusion set.  I pulled the set back to get it ready to put in, pushed the buttons to release and pulled the insertion device back....with the set still attached.  I thought it hadn't even gone in.  Pulled it back and repeated.  Same thing happened.  Set was still attached to the insertion device.  Looked at the device and realized that I'd forgotten to take the tape off!  No wonder the set wasn't staying in.  And here was my absolutely amazing, incredible little girl, getting poked three times total by the time I figured out what I was doing!  Not one peep out of her!  No owies, no crying, no throwing a fit and asking me not to poke her again!  Seriously, she's amazing!  She stood there, patiently waiting for me to figure out what I was doing and finally do it right.  She inspires me! 

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