Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm still here.....

I promise I'm still here and all is good.  Or as good as it can be.  The adorable new kitty went crazy one morning and knocked my coffee mug over....all over the laptop.  This is the second time it's been hit with coffee.  It survived the first, but apparently the second was just too much for it.  So, no laptop means I'm not posting much.  I'm not on the computer much.  I'm busy making up stuff for Reyna and Tara to raffle off for their wonderful Virtual 5K (you can check it out HERE).  I've got a couple of fashionable spring/summer hats done up for them and a gorgeous scarf and I'm thinking of whipping up a few kids' items too.  I love doing stuff like this!

On the fitness front...I've learned some new stuff!  The gym we go to offers a CardioPoint assessment.  Basically, you wear a mask that measures how much CO2 your body puts out while you put your heart through a series of increases in rate.  It's to tell you what your optimal heart rate is for burning fat instead of glucose.  I signed up for it and made it through the brutal assessment.  Turns out I was working out way too hard to burn fat!  The wonderful trainer who worked with me on the assessment has given me a number of different workouts to do to help my body burn fat better.  She also gave me some key points of information....number one being that if you do more than 40 minutes of cardio at a time, your body starts sending out cortisol!  That's obviously not a good thing if you're wanting to lose belly fat.  So, now I'm back to working out at a lesser degree, adding in yoga in the morning and evening and doing my cardio in the afternoon.  I just started all this and I'm giving it a month before I bother with checking the scale to see if anything is changing (or more likely, the measuring tape).  I'm doing a bit of strength-training before the cardio to keep up my muscle tone too!

Okay, beasties are running wild and we need to head to the gym soon.  I'll have to get the camera set up on the desktop so I can post some pictures of my creations (living and otherwise) next time I post!

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  1. That is soooo good to know about the CARDIO!!! Cortisol after 40 minutes!!! Who woulda thunk it Cindy? I cannot wait for you to see some results with your new plan of action.

    AND...thank you so much for donating items to the Virtual 5K. You, my friend, are amazing.

    Hugs to the fam from Reyna and the crew. xo