Monday, January 16, 2012

We're asking the wrong question....

When I fall into a funk, I avoid my blog.  It's what I do.  I want to be alone with my misery and not spread it around to others.  But, in the midst of my funks, I often have ideas that rattle around in my head, waiting for me to take action on them.  This latest one I've been dwelling on.  It keeps popping up and no matter how much I try to push it back down, it stays there, just beneath the surface, calling to me and telling me that I need to write this.  Before I start, I want it to be clear that I understand that not everyone believes the same things I do.  Not everyone has the same faith or the same ideas.  And I'll never judge another for not having my faith or my ideas.  That's not how we were created and it's not what we're meant to do.

So, here it is....we ask the wrong question.  When our children are diagnosed, when theire blood sugars are off, when we're feeling overwhelmed and like this life is just too much for us, we ask the question "why".  Why did God allow this to happen, why did it happen to us, why my child, why, why, why, why.  It's always there, the question of why things are what they are.  And we keep on asking it, no matter how many times we're denied the answer.  And it finally occurred to me that there is no answer to that question.  The lack of an answer leads some to question the existence of God.  They lose faith and give up and turn away because they don't understand why He would allow this to happen to them.  But, the reality is, God can't control everything in our lives.  Oh, he has the ability to do it, I'm sure.  But, when we were created, we were given free will, the ability to direct our own lives, the ability to choose.  And because of that, God can't step in and control us like we're a bunch of paper dolls.  And really, we wouldn't want him to.  Still, we ask why he would allow things to happen and why he doesn't fix them for us.  Humans are complex.  Not all of them are good.  We, as a society, are not content to stand still.  We strive for progress.  To make things "easier".  To make things more technological, to make advancements, to make more money, to own more "stuff".  We're constantly pushing.  Our world is God's gift to us and it's our choice to use it as we will.  I'm getting off track here, but it's our choice to destroy our world or to do good for it and save it.

Here's where my thoughts have been leading me....the question of "why" is the wrong one to ask.  Instead, we should be asking ourselves what we can do with what we're given.  How can we turn the negatives in our lives into motivation for more good.  When our children are diagnosed, instead of wallowing in the "why", we should be moving on to look at how we can reach out and make that road easier for the person to travel it behind us.  When bad things happen, there is always an opportunity for good.  We can draw into ourselves and rage against the fact that there's no answer to "why" or we can ask God to hold our hands and show us a new path through life, a path that offers us an opportunity to do something for others, to make our world a better place, to learn a lesson from what we're going through.  There are so many new opportunities that open up when we stop asking "why" and start asking "what now"!

Enough lecturing for the night!  I have pictures to share!

They actually do love each other!

Leo turned 3!  I so wasn't ready for that!


Lily hates wearing these hats, but she's so cute in them!
I'm thinking of selling them in my Etsy store....2 for $25 and including a couple of barrettes, maybe?

Blue Circle Cowl....considering making these for sale too.  Maybe something to match all those Blue Heels out there now.....

One of the first gifts I just sent out for the nominations project.  It was well-received by a very deserving recipient!

Baby giraffe hat, combining knitting and crochet!

Infinity cowl

And something for the boys....Newsboy Cap.

Just a quick update on those nominations....I sent out a couple of gifts already to a couple of my favorite DOC moms, Meri of Our Diabetic Life and Laura of Houston, We Have a Problem.  I have a couple more in the works and there are two more I mailed out on Saturday but I don't want to mention now since they have yet to receive them.  I'm absolutely loving making things for people that I have in mind when I start!  It makes the creating that much more meaningful for me and that much more fun as well.  I didn't think of it this way when I started it, but I'm hoping this is how it's's like I'm sending hugs out in the mail!  I hope each person who receives something from me feels the same warm fuzzy feeling I do in the making at that moment when they open their package!  I love, love, love doing this!


  1. First off, AMEN sister! SO need to stop it with the 'why' and start with the 'what now'!!
    Secondly, your kiddos are so cute...and those hats (and other what-nots) are adorable! I'm always impressed and totally jealous of those who can knit and crochet. :)

  2. I love this post... I so often get stuck on the "why", and need to learn to move onwards and upwards!

    And thanks for continuing to encourage the DOC! You rock!

  3. I love your post. And the kids are so cute and adorable.