Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Opening up shop!

Okay, I finally have a few listings up on Etsy!  Reyna, your hat is one of them!  I added a couple of cute little pompoms to it and I have to say, I think it looks pretty cute.  You can find the listing HERE.  I have a few other things listed as well and am working on getting some more done.  If anyone is interested, you can find my store by clicking HERE.  I finally got a good picture of a set that I've been meaning to post a pic of and I got that listed too.  It's cuter than cute and I'm tempted to make a set up for myself!

An update on other things...I was doing pretty good last week with the exercising.  I was taking Reyna's advice and clawing and scratching my way out of my funk.  I made it to the gym and worked my butt off several days last week.  And then Saturday came.  My family was throwing a benefit for my nephew, who has chronic renal failure and is going to need a kidney transplant soon.  I decided to go and bring the kids.  Unfortunately, attending meant driving for five hours in the car to get to the benefit and then driving five hours back.  I drove roughly 640 miles in less than 36 hours.  It.  Was.  AWFUL!  Driving that much with two small kids is not a fun experience.  And it left me with no energy for exercising on Saturday or Sunday.  And ever since then, we've been battling cold bugs.  Lily's been sick with a hacking cough for days.  Leo's got a runny nose.  And I'm all stuffed up.  It makes for some fun times.  It's been five days without working out and I'm starting to see all the flabby spots again.  I'm hoping I can manage to make it tomorrow to get in a good workout.  Or at least a small strength-training session.  That might be kind of high hopes though....Lily's second day of preschool is tomorrow, if she's feeling up to it.  And Leo and I will be staying to show Lily's teachers the ins and outs of her insulin pump.  Let's hope it all goes well!


  1. Hope you all feel better soon! Good luck with the Etsy shop!

  2. Beautiful work! I hope you get better soon...we've been getting kicked with some awful bugs already with the start of school, too. I am just hoping it runs its course and then moves out for good ;) Hoping! Have a great weekend :)

  3. Oy!!! Sounds like you have been experiencing a doozy of a time Cindy. I hate having to go that long without working out. I sooooo understand your frustration.

    I hope you feel better soon. I am headed over to see my hat and pay!!! xo

  4. congrats on the etsy shop, looks great! hope all went well with the preschool teachers!