Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bugs, bugs, everywhere!

Life has a way of making sure you never get complacent, doesn't it?  I had to make an unexpected trip to Lily's pediatrician's office yesterday.  Lily had a couple of bug bites that looked kind of odd.  Round, red bump for the first couple of days.  Normal.  But then they turned into little red bumps in the middle of a round, red circle.  We never did find the bug that bit her and have no idea what kind of a bug it was.  But since this is Minnesota and you can never be too safe where bugs are concerned, her doctor is treating it as a possible Lyme disease infection.  Two weeks of antibiotics.  For a normal child, this probably wouldn't be much of a problem.  For a diabetic child, it's usually not so simple.  You see, diabetic children tend to have a sweeter body chemistry than other children.  You kill off the good bacteria along with the bad bacteria and there's nothing left to keep the yeast in check.  So, the two-week wait begins...we'll finish up the course of antibiotics and most likely need a second trip to the doctor in order to deal with a yeast-overgrowth, possibly in the form of thrush.

For all you other d-moms out there, a simple equation....DIABETES + ANTIBIOTICS = NOT A GOOD COMBINATION!

At least I'm not too worried about the Lyme disease though, right?  If that is what her bites are, we're catching it very early.  She's shown no signs of fever or of being ill yet.  Just the bites.  Here's to hoping it all clears up quickly!

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  1. Praying it all clears up VERY quickly, and no yeast yuckies left behind!