Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rare Afternoon

I'm enjoying a rare afternoon here.  I put Leo down for his afternoon nap as soon as we finished up lunch.  And then I indulged in one of my guilty pleasures....cuddling with Lily until she finally fell asleep too!  She so rarely naps anymore and this week has been a bit of a rough one.  Summer colds are brutal on little tiny diabetic bodies!  I knew she was feeling a bit off this morning and she's been pretty cranky the last couple of days.  Hopefully the extra sleep will do her some good and she'll be right back to her latest favorite past-time-running around the house with her "blankelly" as a cape, yelling out "super-fast".  It's pretty cute, I have to admit.

I had a rare moment of jealousy the other day.  I managed to get the kids and myself to the gym, which is a workout on it's own.  I've been severely neglecting my exercise lately.  I brought the kids down to the child care center and was waiting my turn to drop them off.  The woman ahead of me, picking up her children, just happened to be one of those bubble-headed dingbats with boobs 10x larger than her brain.  I know, not a very flattering way to describe her, but really, it never looks good when a woman who isn't even 100 lbs has DD-sized breast implants put in (really, who in their right mind thinks that looks good?).  As I was standing behind this woman, I had a brief moment of jealousy.  Seriously, how much easier it would be to drop the kids off in the center if it weren't for diabetes!  If I didn't have to check Lily's blood sugar to make sure she's staying stable and then check my blood sugar to make sure I'm at a good level to start a workout.  And then deal with the guilt as I hand over a crying Leo and send Lily off to play.  It's so much work!  It occurred to me as I was doing all of that....God does not give bubble-headed bimbos diabetic children.  Probably because he knows they wouldn't be able to handle it.  The strain of it would pop every single bubble in their empty little heads!  It would be a disaster of magnificent proportions!

My bout with jealousy ended very quickly when I got a look at the bubble-head's two children.  Wow!  I'm not going to go into detail, but honestly, if those were my children, they'd be spanked good and hard for behaving the way those two did!  And I'm not even one who believes in spanking!  Life with diabetes may be hard and it may require a mom to have more than just bubbles in her head, but when you're kids are as adorable, inside and out, as the two that I, it's just so worth it!

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  1. OK...You are killing me!!! The DD boobs with the 100# body - "BUBBLE HEAD" - etc...I LOVE THIS...and yes it has made me extremely jealous over the years to watch others just be able to "hand" over their children without a worry in the world, while I had to be Joe's "ball and chain".