Monday, August 2, 2010

Don't pity me!

Do you ever find yourself sharing the fact that your child is diabetic randomly with strangers?  I do this all the time.  Their response is nearly always the same...."Oh, I'm so sorry."  "How awful for you."  Seriously?  I shared a video on here a while back called "Faces of Diabetes".  I didn't comment on it at the time because I felt I needed some time to reflect on it and my reaction to it first.  It made me angry.  The pitying comments, the "so sorry", the portrayal of a life with diabetes being a tragedy with only grim circumstances at the end of that life.  It makes me so angry!  I have never once considered my life as being less valuable because of my diabetes.  I have never wanted anyone to feel sorry for me for it.  Or to feel sorry for me because my child has it.  I don't want your pity!

So why do I tell strangers I don't even know that my daughter is diabetic?  I want them to know just how incredible she is.  I want them to look at her in awe for how happy and healthy and amazing she is.  Lily deals with so much throughout her day.  Every day.  Diabetes doesn't give her or me a break.  We deal with highs, lows, finger pokes, running to the bathroom when we're high, guzzling water, downing fruit snacks while we're starving to death, and everything else this disease throws at us.  And we do it all while smiling, laughing, running, playing, LIVING!  I want people to understand that while diabetes is difficult and a cure is so incredibly needed, the people who deal with the disease are amazing individuals.  Incredible, worthwhile, strong people.  They are not just diabetics.  They are mothers, fathers, daughters, sons...people who matter.  I want them to know that my life is not a tragedy.  My daughter's life is not a tragedy.  Yes, we deal with difficulties and if we don't take care of ourselves, there are very grim consequences.  But our lives are beautiful and should be admired, not pitied!


  1. So true! It's my six year old who tells EVERYONE that he has diabetes. He is eager to tell them all about it and show off his pump. :) Our children ARE incredible!

  2. CINDY...OMGoodness are you in my head??? I am getting ready to write a post on this very subject. We were at soccer a couple of weeks ago and I was checking Joe's blood sugar when I overheard a mother say (while watching)..."OMG that is so SAD" reference to Joe and I...UGH. It has been 4 years and I have never heard someone pity me. I have been trying to organize my thoughts on this event and write about REALLY bothered me.

  3. I agree - I don't want pity for me or for Nate but education is so important. What I hate more than pity is the uneducated comments about eating right and exercising to gain better control.

    Hey - I don't pity you! I think your awesome!! :)