Sunday, January 1, 2012

Well, that was a flop!

I received a grand total of not-a-single-one nominations! It makes me sad :(. But...I'm moving on. I figure, maybe my idea wasn't developed enough or maybe I didn't make it clear enough. You see, the idea comes from this....I've gotten so much from so many in the DOC. Encouragement, support, laughter, comic relief...the list goes on and on. And because I've gotten so much, I want to give something too. I know there are some whose spirits are drooping. I know there are some who feel over-whelmed. I know there are some who have a whole lot more on their plates than some of the rest of us do. Every single person in the DOC deserves some pampering. Unfortunately, my needles and hooks don't fly quick enough to make something for everyone. But, I have a huge stash of lovely yarn and I have a couple of hours each day that I can devote to working on something special. And it's easy enough to stop by the post office and mail that something special off to someone special. So, I'm going on. I've got a few people in mind that I really want to give something back to, people who deserve it or who I want to encourage as they've encouraged me or uplifted me in some way. I've got a few pieces I'm working on and hoping to finish up quickly so I can send them off. But I don't want to close the door for nominations either. So, if you notice that someone's spirit is hurting or that someone is in need of a little something special, or if someone has done something that really meant something to you, there's always the option of sending me a nomination. It's at my discretion whether or not I'll fill each nomination, but I'm definitely going to try to fill as many as I can of whatever ones you send my way!


  1. UGH! I totally forgot to send you my email! Totally blaming it on the fact that these two weeks of being out of school has sent my productivity and brain power to nil!
    So I don't forget again...I'd like to nominate Amy from Mom of an Extra Sweet Insulin Challenged Girl (
    Just cause she's awesome. ;)

  2. Hi! Please email me, I have a question for you :)