Monday, May 2, 2011

I never share pictures of myself!

I hate pictures of myself.  I'd much rather share with you pictures of my children, because they are just so much cuter and more beautiful than I could ever be!  But, for a change, I thought I'd share a few of myself....a progression through pictures:

That's me on the right, behind our beautiful dog, Sleb.  I was maybe 2 or 3.

Again, me on the right.  I was 14 or 15 in this picture.

My husband and I, not long after we started dating.

I'm in the back, in the blue sweater.

A few years later.....

On our wedding day.

 With a newborn Lily.

 Christmas before Leo joined us.

 With a brand-new Leo.

 Nine-or-so months later.
Just the other day...cutest part of this picture is the little goof-ball on the right!


  1. Funny, I knew that was you on the right on the first pic before I read that that was you. AND...LOVED seeing the progression of you through the years Cindy. Maybe we should all do to see our friends in photos...not just in writing I think...AND...YOU.ARE.LOOKING.FANTASTIC. Did you get a hair cut? Love the bangs wisping by your face!

  2. Lookin' hot mama!! Look how happy you look!

  3. woot - woot! Love that you're feeling fancy free to share them all :) And I too love your haircut!

  4. The last picture sees the biggest smile on your face- how's that, girl? Could you finally be there, getting to love yourself? You look pretty darn fit, I wish I had the guts to just snap away and feel really good about it :( It always costs me a lot of stamina to put up a picture of myself, and I always HATE it to bits. Which is probably why I never smile in the first place.
    By the way, did it ever occur to you that your babes are only so drop dead gorgeous because they have a stunning Mama and a remarkably handsome Dad? They seem to have inherited your and his combined smile, like a built- in feature. Makes me want to squee, and I am not even a kids' person!

  5. HELLO HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You look FANTASTIC :)

    Keep up the great work, Mama....thanks for inspiring me every day!