Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fearing the jiggle

Fitness update!  The past couple of months, I've been adding strength-training in to my workout regimine.  I'm doing upper-body once a week and lower-body once a week.  I still haven't noticed much change in my weight, but I've dropped down another size!  That feels incredible!  In fact, I bought myself a new pair of crops at Old Navy one day.  I planned on wearing them out to lunch with my mom and sister while my mom was visiting.  Unfortunately, clothes shopping with children means I don't try things on and the darn things were way too big!  Best reason ever for returning a purchase!  On the days that I do strength-training, I finish up with a 20-30 minute high-intensity cardio session.  I've been doing the sprint-training for those workouts as I've found something incredible about those training sessions....they're harder than hell to do, but I feel them in my abdominal muscles for the next day or two after doing them!  Even if I'm not losing weight, my stomach is definitely flattening out!  On the days I don't do strength/cardio, I've been doing lower-intensity cardio.  I'm trying to keep more of my time in the fat-burning zone to see if that helps.  We'll see how it goes.  It's hard to stay in that lower-intensity range though!  I wanna go all-out!  I'm also trying to add in more out-of-the-gym exercise.  I've started doing some very simple, very short, yoga sessions in the morning when I wake up and at night just before going to bed.  Nothing too strenuous, but the night-time sessions do seem to help.  It feels fantastic to stretch my muscles out before falling into bed!  Now if I could just find a way too sleep through the night!

On to my reason for posting tonight...I have a fear that I've been letting hold me back.  I know, hard to believe, right?  I've laid so much of myself open here for all of you to see without fearing the repercussions.  But here's the thing....I want to start adding running into my daily exercise.  I've been wanting to for quite a while.  I want to be fit enough to run 5ks without dying of exhaustion.  But, I fear running!  I'm not a natural runner.  I've never been good at it.  I'm not so worried about that....practice makes perfect, right?  But here's my fear....I fear the jiggle.  I know that my body is going to jiggle as I run and I'm afraid of people seeing me jiggle as I run!  I did muster up the courage to attempt running on a treadmill the other day.  I made it 0.75 miles before I slid off the back of the treadmill!  It might have had something to do with a low blood sugar though.  Maybe I could have made it farther.  I'm not a fan of the treadmill.  I'd rather run around the track or outdoors, but then there's nothing to tell me how far I made it or how fast I was running.  Either way, I'm going to have to find a way around this.  I'm totally committed to running this virtual 5K that Reyna and her sister Tara are setting up and I'm not making any excuses to get out of it!  So....fear is going to have to be overcome!  If anyone has any suggestions on how to do that, I'm more than open to them!

Oh, one last thing before I head to bed....Blogger is boycotting my comments, for some reason.  I keep trying to comment on blogs and it keeps rerouting me to the sign-in page.  No matter how many times I sign in, it won't let me comment.  Not sure what bug crawled up their not-so-sunny places, but until it gets fixed....know that I'm reading and cheering all of you on and sending out lots of virtual hugs and love!  Wishing everyone lots of restful sleep and some doses of bg-nirvana!


  1. Ah, yes. The Jiggle.

    First of all, YOU ARE MY HERO! I've been working like a dog, but still haven't seen a significant weight change. I'm SO PROUD of you!!!

    Anyhoo...I'm a novice runner myself...but I've found that it helps to keep going. I know that sounds elementary, but I used to give up the second I started to feel overly winded or noticed any pain in my muscles. Start with a mile -- if you have to walk part of it, so be it. Just keep going. Give yourself a day off from running, then try for 1.5 miles. Continue adding every other day.

    I'm not an expert, but this has really helped me. 7 weeks ago, I had excruciating leg pain/cramps after every run -- and during as well! Because I did too much too fast and it took 2 weeks to recover. Now I'm up to 3-4 miles (yes, with some walking thrown in there). I'm slow. REALLY took my dog with me today, and she was just leisurely strolling along beside while I was "running" slow, but I'm able to finish strong, and I don't feel like I'm going to die.

    I guess that's good?

    PS -- If you have a Stroller Strides in your area, that's a GREAT place to find support. If I had only known when my girls were small. I wish I could go back and add Stroller Strides to my life as a mother of young ones.

  2. BRAVO for your workout regamine, if only I could force myself to be more disciplined! I want to encourage you to keep at it in the running department but also to not do anything that makes yourself feel displeased with all the work you've already done. It took my ma a long time to start running, she had to really be ready in terms of realizing that she didn't look jiggly when she ran - she worried so much about that, too. So, once she lost the weight she wanted through weight lifting, walking, changing diet and biking she switched it up and added running. I think you know what you'll enjoy and there is never a need to do something you won't when you find so much success in what you're already doing. :) As for the 5k, I can't wait - and if you're ready I'd love to know you were running it too.
    Also, my mom started running by doing a five minute run one minute walk program, then pushed it to six minutes one minute...ect, once she made it to ten minutes run 1 minute walk she started cutting down the walk time until she didn't need it.
    Hope you're enjoying a long restful weekend with the fam :)

  3. First off, you are always. And, I will be hobbling or biking or rollerblading the 5K. My foot is hosed. Gonna see a MD. But, I cannot run. Walking hurts. I am pretty sad about it, but I am trucking along with a smile plastered on my face. :)

    As for the blogger commenting issue...have you tried clearing your "cookies"? That is what I have to do. Click on "tools" upper right hand corner. And then go into I believe "internet options" on "delete cookies". That has fixed it for me more than once. Good luck.

    AND...WOOT on the 5K. I sure hope we can grow this thing BIG. Wouldn't it be cool?! My mom even sent in a letter to the Ellen DeGeneres Show. LOL.

  4. I don't run...unless it's for my life or the lives of my girls. ;) That said, I love to walk...and thus don't have the jiggle issue. :)
    As far as what other's think...I have to be honest and say that whenever I see anyone out walking, running, biking, no matter what their size or jiggle factor, I always think 'good for them! I sooo need to be out there, too!'
    Worry less about what other's are thinking and just run! (totally easier said than done, but worth a try!)

  5. congrats on the 'getting healthier'. i on the other hand am down in the dumps having to take an extended break from working out because of injuries. frickity frick frick ive opened blogger, unclicked the 'stay signed in', then reopened it and re-clicked it...and its stayed working to comment. who knows whats wrong with it.