Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm taking on a new challenge!

A quick update on the fitness stuff....you may have noticed that I haven't been posting about the fitness and weight-loss stuff much lately.  I'm still going pretty strong with it.  I lost my family's Biggest Loser challenge, but I'm okay with that.  I just recently signed up for a 90-day weight-loss challenge at our gym.  I mostly just signed up for the consultation with a personal trainer.  Too bad that didn't actually work out the way I wanted it too.  I was hoping for some helpful tips, but she was busy trying to sell heart-rate monitors and some special assessment that supposedly tells how your body burns fat.  Question for everyone....do you think a heart-rate monitor is necessary?  I'm torn about whether I need one or not.  Anyway, the consultation ended with me telling her I couldn't spend $240 on a monitor and assessment without talking to my husband.  She replied, "you can't make a decision on your own?"  Nope, I definitely cannot make a $240 decision on my own!  I did get something out of the consultation though.  My weight-loss has stalled.  Doesn't bother me much.  I'm hovering right in the mid-220s, so still 35 lbs less than I was.  But the consultation helped me realize that I need to start adding in some strength-training.  So, I'm using the weigh-lifting machines twice a week.  One day, I do a lower-body workout with the weights and follow it up with a short cardio session.  Then a day of just cardio.  Third day, an upper-body workout with the weights and a short cardio.  Then another day of just cardio.  Throw in a day off here and there and then go back at it all.  I started that two weeks ago and I just picked up a Personal Training and Fitness Journal from the bookstore ($6 at B&N, in the bargain area!).  So, we'll see how it all goes.  I still refuse to enter the Testosterone Zone that my husband prefers....you know, the one where men grunt and groan and yell as they lift bars that they've hauled massive weights onto while they posture and preen in the mirrors?  Yeah, don't want to go there!

Reyna, I keep meaning to give you an update on the Boob Lady and I keep forgetting!  Seriously, I have a bit of admiration and envy for the Boob Lady now.  She had the baby towards the end of January.  She was gone from the gym for all of two weeks!  Two weeks!  Seriously!  And then she was back, sans baby belly, and working out all over again.  Now that is hard core!

Onto my new challenge!  I'm seriously excited about this one.  It's a bit ridiculous how excited I am, but hey, green things make me happy.  You see, I have this major flaw.  I have the world's worst case of Black Thumb.  Seriously, I can't keep green things alive.  Those people who think houseplants are great practice for having pets and pets are great practice for having children....they're nuts!  Those things are nothing alike and just because you can kill green things just by looking at them doesn't mean you'll kill a pet.  I've never lost a pet and my two children are so far appearing to be happy and healthy and thriving.  Green things though...they turn black in my hands.  But I'm determined to change that!  And this beautiful green thing is going to help me:

Beautiful, bright, green Goldfish plant.  I put it in the beautiful pot you see it in (with Lily and Leo's help) and my husband drilled into the ceiling to hang the hook.  It's hanging in the southwest corner of our dining room, with the sunlight coming in from the sliding glass door all day long.  I'm hoping that it will stay alive and thriving.  Next up, we're going to be planting some grape tomato seeds in little fiber pots and hoping they shoot up into large plants.  My kids eat grape tomatoes like they're M&Ms!  I'm hoping for a good 5 or 6 plants to keep on our deck for them to enjoy and munch on.  If the seeds don't take off though....I may just have to make a run to a local nursery for a few plants!


  1. Sounds as though that trainer was a bit pushy! Monitors help, but they're not necessary, and you can probably get one cheaper.

    Good luck with the plants!

  2. Ha! The Boob lady ROCKS!!!

    And...YEP on the strength training. I actually gained 2# - #3 when starting P90X, but I was smaller and looked "more fit". I think it will really help you burn more calories.

    So...keep it up. I don't use a heart rate monitor...but maybe I should. I am pretty ghetto with all that I do...you know me :)

  3. I have a Boob Lady at my gym too...who just had a baby! Maybe we're neighbors and just didn't realize it :)

    Ditto on the strength training. It really is important for overall weight management. Even if the numbers don't drop, the muscle tone is worth it :)

    As for the trainer -- SAME SAME! I got 4 free sessions when we signed up, and have gotten NOTHING out of them. Just a lot of trying to sell services...which I might appreciate more if it wasn't so stinkin' expensive!

  4. I think that personal trainers can be very different based on where you go - see if one of the "women only" gyms has a personal trainer and contact her to see if she does private consultations, even if you don't train through her you may learn more than one that is attached to your gym. My mother was a size 18-20 and she started weight watchers and a personal trainer and within 5 months she was down to a size 10, could run miles, ride her bike anywhere and was incredibly more playful with her grandkids. Since she's started running marathons and half and is now a size 4-6. She never thought she could be a 4-6, but her personal trainer rocked and never talked with her about weight loss goals but more in terms of activity goals - she chose runs to do, bike rides to accomplish, things like being able to swim for 30 minutes. I think that's helped her a lot to feel successful and keep it up.
    Anyhow I don't buy into the extra tools until you've reached your goals and are then just tweaking things, until then there are other things to focus on, right? Like for me making it out the door to work out is the biggest first step!
    Hope today went well :)